Discover Your Purpose, Power and Prosperity in Midlife.

You are not too old to end the fear of not having,

not being or not doing enough!

From: The VIP Coach

Hey, you are not too old nor is it too late to end the fear of NOT HAVING, NOT BEING, or NOT DOING ENOUGH!

In the Game of Life, you win some and you lose some!

Congrats you made it this far to midlife! You realize you drifted so far off course that you lack the confidence, certainty, and clarity to go after your dream.

Even worse, you have lost sight of your purpose.

Deep down, you know it is time to get back on track; it is time to take your rightful place on the Throne. To be the King in your Kingdom!

Guess what? You are not alone.

During midlife, millions of men, just like you, experience such a crisis.

It's normal for us men, in middle age, to question our values, our identity, and our purpose.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You may have been building your career for the past 10, 20, or 30 years,

And now you are concerned that retirement is creeping up on you.

If you are ever going to unlock your true potential and live your passion and purpose, you'd better get cracking!

Be honest with yourself and answer these questions:

How is YOUR marriage or other personal relationships going?

How about YOUR health, energy, and wellness?

What about your finances and career?

Do any of these keep you up at night?

I guess you would agree with me that this midlife crisis "thing" is real after all.

Purpose Gives You Fulfillment

The challenge most men face by midlife is the feeling that they are not enough!

Is that you?

Friend, it's not all your fault!

We live in a world that values "chasing the next shiny object," and "false public images."

Most of this artificial reality is shown in public on platforms such as social media, television, magazines, music videos, etc.

Have you been trying to unlock your true potential just to meet one roadblock after another?

Are you finally sick and tired of feeling stuck or in a rut?

Would you like living more fully without sacrificing your goals and dreams?

You deserve to live your dreams and goals. It's never too late!

Take back your power and live with significance.

One feeling that is often associated with a midlife crisis is depression. Many men suffer from a feeling of hopelessness during this period of life.

Hopelessness can become a vicious cycle, making you feel powerless, unable to control your outcome and your environment.

Although you cannot control the world around you, you can control yourself.

Imagine if you could win back the POWER to control your life and create the best life possible for you and those you care about.

Prosperity Gives you Security

Are you open to receiving every opportunity to live more abundantly?

Prosperity is an option available to us all. But first, you need a prosperity mindset.

So why aren't you taking advantage of it?

Quite simply ... it is your limiting beliefs!

But it's not too late. You are not too old to attract abundance and prosperity in your life!

The term "midlife crisis" was coined by a 48-year-old man, Elliott Jacques, published 12 books between the ages of 48 and 86.

Elliott lived his "Second Half" in prosperity!

Imagine if you could claim prosperity in the next half of your life.

The question you may be asking yourself is ... "How do you go about it?"

I am happy to answer that question!

Hi, I am The VIP Coach, Wayne. Like you, I've been on a lifelong journey seeking an extraordinary life.

The Past: I was struck with two major life-threatening illnesses; a costly break-up; and a very public extramarital affair.

I faced near financial "ruin," forcing me to live in the filth-ridden basement apartment of a college buddy at 43 years old, encountering many trials and tribulations along the way.

The Present: I proudly celebrate a very functional and happy blended family, where my amazing wife, my supportive "Ex," and the caring mother of my youngest child, all respect and support each other; and our respective families.

The Present: I maintain a health and fitness regimen, the envy of men half my age. My energy and vitality support my robust lifestyle.

The Present: I moved from being a stuck employee to leadership in one of America's largest non-profits, before transitioning to leadership in a Fortune 50 in Corporate America.

I eventually fired Corporate America, becoming a successful entrepreneur.

How did I make this transformations in my mid-40s? I developed a strategy that I have taught hundreds of other men.

Here is what others are saying:

...I will add the testimonials to this part of the funnel...

I help Black men in midlife move from mediocrity to breaking free in their careers, health, and relationships.

I have a transformative 10-module Video Course for you!

"Breaking Free: Discover Your Purpose, Power and Prosperity in Midlife."

Begin living your best years after 40!

Introducing my 10-module Module Video Course...

BREAKING FREE! Discover Your Purpose, Power and Prosperity in Midlife.

Finally, you can take back control of your life when you invest in this transformative video course.

I have written an accompanying eBook, a Guide to exactly what you'll get with this transformative video course:


By reading the Guide alone, you'll gain a lot of knowledge that you can use to your advantage. Here's what you will learn in this Guide:

  • How to commit to the process. This is the very first step to take on your path to breaking free. Without it, everything else will be a waste of time.

  • 8 things that will help you define your potential so you will know your true purpose. The clearer you are about this step, the better your results will be.

  • How you can manifest your desires with the Law of Attraction. You will learn how to use sensory visualization to attract your desires.

  • The power of vision boards and how to leverage it to your advantage.

  • How to start habits that last a lifetime. Ask yourself these 4 important questions to form new habits.

  • The negative effects of resentment and bitterness

  • How to let go of everything in your past that has negatively impacted you so you can finally move forward.

  • How to track your progress. Measuring progress can take the form of many different things and ways. In this section, we'll discuss it.

  • How to view failures positively instead of letting them stop you.

  • How to stay motivated to enhance your whole life.

  • And much more!



View or print this handy

checklist so that you can

check off each point.

It is like a summary of

the entire Guide but in

actionable, bite-sized points so

that you can reinforce the action steps and new habits

throughout the course.


Resource Cheat Sheet

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and learn more with this

handy resource cheat sheet.

Get over 40 deep links

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A quick glance over

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from the main Guide.

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The VIP Coach, Wayne


Discover Your Purpose, Power and Prosperity in Midlife.