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Coach Wayne's New Book

When The Shift Hits The Man:
A Self-Help Guide for Fathers Wanting to Keep the Family Intact after a Breakup

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When The Shift Hits The Man

When The Shift Hits The Man:

A Self-Help Guide for Fathers Wanting to Keep the Family Intact after a breakup

With more than 50 percent of all marriages in America ending in divorce and only about 37 percent of Black households being led by a married male and female, there is much piquing into strategies for shifting this trend.


We know that too often, broken marriages and broken relationships result in broken families.  Black fathers, faced with a long legacy of forced separation from their kins since slavery, while capitalized as mere "Bucks" for breeding purposes have not fought long and hard enough to remain consistent and present in their children's lives after breaking up with the mother of their child(ren).


It is reported that children raised without a father in the home are more likely to live a life of poverty,  engage in higher delinquent behaviors, and engage in risky sexual activities...this book, 'When The Shift Hits The Man' provides a new masculinity for fathers...all fathers but especially Black dads.  In this work, Dawson chronicles his own challenges as a former cheating, unfaithful spouse, the near loss of his home, job, health, self-respect... being almost broken to becoming 'awoken;' turning his mess into his message for fellow men to learn from. 


By reading this book, you will discover the power of asking the 'right' questions; learn why and how to seek external support; know when to apologize and mean it; apply powerful techniques to breakthrough Imposter Syndrome to own self-worth; develop the mindset for building bridges and breaking down the walls between you and your 'ex';  know the strength and liberation from becoming vulnerable and transparent; successfully sustain a thriving blended family and still be 'friends' with the 'ex!'


Dawson, the man, the Black man, the father, the author/coach/speaker, gets raw and brutally honest. He holds no sacred grounds! He delivers in engaging story form, a self-help guide to 'brothas' everywhere who are fathers wanting and longing to find a home in their children's lives after a separation, divorce, or When the Shift Hits The Man!             

When The Shift Hits The Man
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