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About VIP Transformative Living

Welcome to VIP Transformative Living LLC.  I am Wayne Dawson (Coach Wayne, VIP), your Transformational and Strategic Mindset Coach.  I help  men experiencing transitions in their lives, such as careers, relationships and wellness,  become "unstuck" and escape crisis . 

My signature approach focuses on eliminating limiting beliefs, uncovering  core values, exploring sub-conscious levels of identity and aligning them with a renewed purpose



The VIP vision & mission


I envision a world in which aspiring men of color can live a life of fulfillment and significance


My mission is pure and simple:  to help men of color successfully navigate life-transitions so they may become unstuck, and live their lives with a sense of purpose!


What's in it for you? 


 I support you in learning how to identify and unblock your limiting beliefs to discover better options and to take necessary action to overcome transitions, empowered to realize your desired goals!   As your coach, we will explore and redefine your core values, beliefs, and identity.  I will partner with you to discover your true purpose and to guide you on a path of alignment!   As part of a larger social network, you may find it beneficial when your loved ones or friends join in your transformative journey.


How Am I qualified TO help you? 


My story begins on the white-sand beaches in Jamaica, when I worked in the hospitality industry.  Ambitious  but plagued by uncertainty, my youth was driven by huge dreams, but no real plans.   I considered myself an ordinary kid with no distinguishing or outstanding skills.  The one thing I held in certainty and had as my Superpower was my family!   I could count on their unyielding love and support.


Perhaps just like you, I believed that a “good education” and “hard work” would guarantee me the rights to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,”   but, after six years of college, a Bachelor’s and a Graduate degree, I was still struggling to make ends meet.  Once, I juggled three jobs and pawned all my gold jewelry just to stay afloat.  By the time I hit my mid-thirties, I had been divorced once, had a garnishment on my salary, and a credit score that was in the dumps.  Subsequently, I was hospitalized twice with life-threatening, stress-induced illnesses.


I was down on luck, feeling displaced and very angry.   I hit my lowest state after moving out of the family home, adjusting to a new and unfamiliar schedule for “Daddy Time” with my four amazing children.   I moved in with my old college buddy in his mother’s basement under abhorrent conditions.   Then, during one of my “winter” moments, while contemplating how best to turn around or end my miserable existence...


"I had a breakthrough!"

The transformation! 

On the other side of PAIN, there is GAIN!"

In my state of desperation and despair, I resorted to my guts, my core.   There, I found and restored the values imprinted by my parents; I reclaimed my lost identity; and I quickly uncovered my sense of purpose.  Living in fear and survival mode will strip you of those.   Armed with this new awareness, I stopped 'ego-tripping' and began having open and honest conversations with myself and others.  I discovered that the questions we ask, determine the quality of our lives! 

I asked high-achievers to mentor and coach me.  You see, success leaves footprints!  I became coachable and willing to adopt the strategies and mindset necessary for my transformative success!


"I went from being BROKEN to AWOKEN!" 


I moved from that moldy basement to a high-rise Manhattan apartment with a view of the East River.  I co-founded a Not-for-Profit to empower underrepresented men of color in Harlem, New York.  We received a Proclamation Award from Governor Paterson for our impact; I began teaching at two colleges at the recommendation of my mentors.  I served as Chairman, and Board Member of several organizations, by applying my powerful VIP Transformative Living and mindset strategies.   I enjoy a life of accomplishments, joy, abundance and wellness demonstrated in some measure by public awards and accolades.


Applying this  new mindset and VIP success strategies, I re-engaged and married my supportive wife, 30 years after our initial meeting in college!   I landed a leadership position in Corporate America earning a six-figure income (in an industry I knew nothing about) using the principles I will share with you.   I even surprised my doctors by changing the biometric they swore was hereditary and responsible for prematurely shortening the lives of the males within my family,  by transforming one self-limiting belief!  


"Today, I am healthy, youthful, & filled with energy!" 


Reclaiming your birthright

What is your story? Do you find yourself looking back with regrets? Is there passion and intimacy in your love life? Do you have the energy and vitality it takes to get through your days and nights? Can you relate to your kids? Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? Looking for a better job, new career,  facing a divorce or separation, unsure about connecting with your kids?Are you tired of being overlooked and undervalued by others?   


Are you ready to live a life filled with joy, freedom, abundance, a sense of wellness, balance, and significance?  All transitions begin with a decision to take the first step. Your transformation is in your hands!


Let me support you in overcoming your challenges and guide you on a journey towards a Transformative VIP life.

Let us align your VALUES and IDENTITY with your PURPOSE.  After all, you deserve a...


Bigger. bolder, better you!

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